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How can you evaluate translation quality?

It can be challenging for you to evaluate the quality of translated text when you are not so fluent in the target language. However, here are some quick and effective suggestions:

  1. Make sure that the translations have a coherent style.

  2. Use a grammar checker to check spelling and grammar errors.

  3. Double-check the dates, names, numbers and technical terms.

  4. Check that the typesetting is the same as the source text.

Finally, if you are using a translator or translation agency for the first time, you also can send the translation to another translation company for evaluation.



  1. 确保译文风格的一致性。

  2. 使用语法检查软件检查拼写和语法错误。

  3. 仔细核对日期、姓名、数字和术语。

  4. 检查译文与原文的排版是否一致。


How can you evaluate translation quality?

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