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What is transcription and when would your business need this?

What is transcription?

Transcription is the conversion of audio or video content into text. It is commonly used for a variety of business, legal and medical purposes.

When would your business need them?

Many businesses are organising online meetings/conferences, business forums, and product presentations. These can now all be transcribed into a script (in a variety of languages) for business/commercial requirements, such as for backup purposes, general record keeping, and marketing materials for your website and YouTube.

Also, when businesses need recordings of CEO interviews or important meetings, transcription service companies can create a text file of what was actually said. The text can then be uploaded onto websites, used as video subtitles or translated into other languages.

In the medical industry, doctors can record their verbal notes during surgery with the help of transcription, which provides a record in case of a mishap or a malpractice lawsuit. Transcription services are also utilised in the legal industry. Lawyers can record their thoughts while researching legal precedents and then have those notes transcribed.

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